Yoga Membership Platform Redesign

 It was my pleasure creating a more organized and user friendly website for a yoga teacher I admire; Ali Kamenova. She has over 100,000 followers on YouTube and a loyal social media following, likely due to her unique interval yoga teaching style and refreshing outlook on life and health. She offers many hours of free classes on YouTube as well as offers VIP membership classes and other premium content on her website; When I undertook the re-design project I had several goals in mind:
1. Improve the membership experience
2. Organize blog categories/information architecture
3. Add categories to sort workouts by length
4. Reduce clutter/confusion
5. Simplify membership offerings
6. Improve the branding and design consistency throughout the site
You can view the original site here.
Some highlights of the project include:
1. Reducing the membership offerings from 5 confusing options to just one all inclusive membership.
Ali Kamenova Old Membership LevelsNew Membership
2. Revamping all the blog posts, categories, and tags to remove duplication and improve organization of the extensive amount of content on the site.
3.  Created an aesthetically pleasing and more mature brand design that better represented Ali’s personality and style.
The response from members has been very positive and new people are joining every day.