November & Co – Website Redesign

November & Co is a design studio in Kuwait that offers floral design, bakery services, and furniture/decor rentals. Their style is unique and extravagant. The aim of the new website was to bring together content from several separate sites and create a smooth online shopping experience. With so many different service offerings, it was a challenge to organize the content in a way that made sense.

Another unique aspect of the site is that they wanted to use Arabic text, using it in a way that compliments the design but is functionally useful as well.

I was responsible for creating a sitemap to organize the content, and create wireframes for both desktop and mobile. The final wireframes can be seen here.

Visual design mockups have also been completed (although not by me), and the site is moving into the development phase.

A snapshot of the final sitemap/content plan.


An example of using Arabic text. This was used in several ways throughout the site.


An example of the visual design from a section on the homepage.


A product view page.